JETA Molecular

JETA Molecular is a molecular diagnostics company focused on commercialization of advanced technologies that will change the way transplantation medicine is practiced today. Early detection of transplant rejection or disease relapse is critical for the adjustment of a transplant recipient’s treatment regime, graft survival and higher quality of life for patients. JETA’s tests will provide best in class solutions for post-transplant monitoring of transplant rejection and disease relapse. JETA’s solutions will enable new applications and will translate into better patient care and survival rates.

JETA’s founders have extensive expertise in the design, development and commercialization of IVD/CE-marked, ASR/GPR and RUO molecular diagnostic kits and software for transplantation and human genetic testing. JETA has support from, and collaborations with, key opinion leaders in the fields of stem cell and solid organ transplantation. It is through these relationships that clinical utility of JETA’s approaches has been established.

JETA uses qPCR technology for analysis of cell-free DNA liquid biopsies and chimerism analyses. Our qPCR systems routinely allow for precise and accurate measurements of rare alleles present at <0.1% in the presence of 150ng DNA.

JETA’s QTRACE Software interfaces with all major models of qPCR machines.

Our Products

Q Trace Monitoring Software